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What Exactly is a Cannabis Minister?

Let me first tell you about cannabis weddings. Some couples planning on getting married would like to openly consume marijuana at their wedding. It’s one of the happiest days of your life and a celebration of your love for each other. Many of their friends and family might use cannabis as an alternative to alcohol.

Couples getting married in legal recreational states might have even asked the caterer to supply cannabis-infused foods or pot-laced brownies for the grown-ups.

You could hire your local pastor to officiate at your wedding and I’m sure the pastor would agree in consideration of a fee, would do the job. But would the minister feel comfortable around the celebrants smoking pot in his presence, and just go through the motions on this festive occasion.

A cannabis minister would bring a much more positive and accepting feeling to your wedding ceremony. The cannabis minister would be deeply honored that you have picked him/her to celebrate your wedding and would feel very comfortable in this environment.

The most popular question I am asked is do cannabis ministers actually smoke pot at the wedding? I can not speak for all cannabis ministers but the majority I’ve queried on the subject say they do not for legal reasons during the ceremony, similar to don’t drink and drink, we say don’t smoke and marry. But we would be delighted to have a puff with both parties after they say I do!

If you are considering a Miami cannabis wedding and would like to contact the Miami Cannabis Minister, please visit;

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